By stylist Helle Bille, Unique Style – Boring – oh NO! It doesn’t have to be that way, if you have the right items.

Always select items that give you that special feeling of LUXURY in your basic wardrobe.

BASIC does not mean BORING!

My definition of basic, are items that suit together regardless how you mix them, just make sure that most of your colors are basic, like black, blue, white, grey or soft pastel colors. Otherwise you can’t mix them without looking like a flashing Tivoli, and your outfit will be too much and will overshadow your personality.

The Danish style of workwear is not as conservative as the English style, but we are not too daring. The Danish women are more casual and relaxed in their style – more LESS than too much, and we could learn a lot from Italian women who always dress feminine and elegant in high heels.

Workwear 1 edMy model is Anja. She is 45 and a business women, who needs to be representative every day at work.

Her problem, like other women, is to find out What to Wear, without spending too much time every morning looking at her wardrobe.

Do you know, that you only use 20% of your clothes?

The rest just disrupts the overview!

 My guidance to Anja is to invest in a few good items of clothes and accessories which she can mix and use together. I gave her several suggestions so she can mix and match her outfits every day.

The First Outfit:-Workwear 2 ed

 –  Loose white pants

– Lightblue blouse with dark flowerprint

– Black short jacket

– Short black boots with high heels

– Black workwear bag

– Long necklace with silver pearls

Elegant and very comfortable to wear, and easy to mix with other items in Anja’s wardrobe.


Workwear 3 edThe same outfit but in a new way of style

 – I took the blazer off and put a long vest in grey wool over the blouse

 – Instead of high heel boots, I gave Anja the fashion Slip-on shoes

 – A wool hat

 – Long scarf in pastel colors

 – Long pearl necklace

Anja is now more relaxed in her outfit and style and it is an easy way to change the look. It is more relaxed and casual.

Classic Suits

Workwear 4 and 5

(Left pic)   A classic suit – feminine and fitted in a dark blue color, which gives a softer expression than black. Light blue fitted shirt for a complete classic look. This outfit is always fashionable and is the No.1 work outfit.

Always have a classic well fitted suit in your wardrobe – just remember to use it separately and not just as a set. You can leave your hat ON or OFF if it’s too much :-)

(Right pic)  The same classic suit, just changing the black shoes with a pair of Peep Toe Pumps, which give the outfit a more feminine expression.

A soft and beautiful scarf is a MUST if you want a casual look. Still classic but now with a feminine touch.

Notice the length of the pants, which are called 7/8. This length gives a more feminine touch.

Workwear 6 (4)

Anja is now wearing the suit pants alone and it is the No.1 rule to remember to use your suit separately.

 – Leather Jacket for a rough look

 – Mohair sweater

 – Big leather bag

 – Yellow pumps – sexy look

Anja can also wear the suit jacket with white pants and the mohair sweater

Workwear 7 (1)

Anja tried 4 different kinds of jackets, so she could see the difference in style and look according to which jackets she chose for her outfits.

Every jacket gives her a different kind of style and all of them can be used with white pants.

The jacket is bohemian style with paliettes on the sleeves, which matches the mohair sweater.

In Anja’s case, I recommend her to buy all the clothes except for the bohemian jacket because her personal style is more classic than bohemian.

It is so important to know your own personal style because it minimizes the risk of buying the wrong outfit.