Welcome to Women in B2B

Welcome to Women in B2B, a new online universe for professional, career-oriented, busy women – and of course men are also welcome to have a look.

Here you can read serious articles about business, career planning and entrepreneurship, and articles about more fun and lifestyle-oriented topics like food, design, fashion and style. No hard work without fun and self-indulgence from time to time…

At Women in B2B, we have a fantastic team of contributors whom you can read more about here. If you have ideas or want to contribute to this universe as well and join the team of contributors, please contact us at any time.

Why an online universe for professional women?

I have often found that a magazine targeting my interests were missing. I don’t want to read about how thin I should be, I don’t want to read about fashion that only looks good on 20 year old girls with no flesh on the sides, I don’t want to feel the pressure of me having to be the perfect mother. I don’t want a society that puts me into a box and tell me how I should be, act, say and behave. With this as the starting point, I want to build a universe, where you are the center point… You as a woman, business woman, political active woman, busy woman, fun woman, loving woman, tough woman, vulnerable women, as a woman who wants to get a head in the world and want to make a difference.