Wednesday Woman: Tamara G. Mike

Name: Tamara George Mhina12278028_524788911021729_1627036627_n

Occupation: Hotel Manager at Family Cottage in Tanzania

Age: 31

Education: Marketing

Please describe in short the history of Family Cottage and how the hotel arrived to where it is today?

The Family Cottage is a hotel located on the coast of Tanzania in Bagamoyo. The hotel offers swimming holidays combined with safari trips within the country and high quality accommodations of European standard. Family Cottage was founded by Nels Bjerregaard in 2013 with a team of 9 leading the business. His goal is to enter a new market within the hospitality industry in Tanzania and offer something different from its competitors.

The hotel has six bungalows in modern European standard, a reception section, and restaurant & bar, a swimming pool, and one main house.

Please describe your customers? – From what countries do you mainly receive your clientele?

Mainly Europeans from different countries such as Denmark, Sweden, or in general western tourists and of course Asians and customers who can afford our prices. Due to our highly quality of products and services, our prices are also medium-high, so our customers are mainly working class who love to travel and experience new things.


What, in your opinion, is the most exciting and rewarding part of your job?

The most exciting I would say is to get to meet new people (hotel guests) from different parts of the world, get to work with good colleagues, and the reward is the good care we get from the hotel owner.

What advice would you give to those who are currently thinking to visit Tanzania?

They are welcome to experience the beautiful and exciting adventures of what the country has to offer. I would say Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in Africa; we have a lot to offer from national parks, game reserves, lakes, and rivers and of course white sand beaches and good luxury accommodations.

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