Wednesday Woman: Pernille Andersen

Name: Pernille Andersen
Occupation: CEO & Co-Founder of FeedsFloor – where companies speak

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I have been interested in business since I was a little girl. My mom is a tailor and had her own shop. She first took me to fashion trade fairs in Paris when I was 10 and when I was 15 I went as her advisor to the lawyer. That is also the reason I chose business high school in stead of regular high school. I then discovered Japan as my uncle began exporting to Japan. And wow I was fascinated by the different approach to managing a business compared to the American way which is taught in universities in Denmark. I studies then business and Japanese at university and went to Japan afterwards to work. Here I worked with business and market development in different Asian countries for three years. During my stay in Japan, I also together with my team won a business competition for young international business talents at the age of 22. After I came back to Japan, I thought I wanted to be in academia and began applying for a PhD. After a while I however, found out that what I really loved was the action oriented and quick paced business environment, so I began working with exports and market development again. However, when I got my first son I found that I could not leave him and travel so much again, so I began teaching digital marketing. However, my ambitions and business drive could not manage “just” to teach. So I together with my two co-founders began developing FeedsFloor. When the platform finally looked ready to launch, I quit my job and began focusing of FeedsFloor full time even though I was now a single mom. I now finally do what I love.


Can you tell us more about FeedsFloor? is a fast growing online platform where B2B companies and organizations can access international business opportunities directly. For sales people this means they can use FeedsFloor to generate relevant quality leads, purchasers can find relevant suppliers from all over the world, B2B marketeers can use it for content publishing and online branding while international market developers can use FeedsFloor to find potential business partners e.g. agents and distributors from all over the world.

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What was the motivation behind starting up FeedsFloor?
I and one of my co-founders worked with exports and international sales and market development within business-to-business industries and found that it was and is extremely time consuming and costly to develop new markets and generate new leads. For instance, finding an agent or distributor who has local market knowledge can take a long time, and often you have to pay a lot of money for consultants who then will find connect you with different possibilities. We thought why not have the transparency and 1 click connection on B2B markets like on B2C, instead of developing markets by contacting someone who knows someone who knows someone? Furthermore, we thought of making a platform where you also can find companies which you don’t know in advance, instead of only being able to check out websites and do analysis on those you know.

What type of industries/businesses are you targeting and where are your main markets?
Currently, covers 53 industries, in 5 regions of the world in 17 languages. We launched the platform last year and is currently growing fast in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. We hope the next year to put a stronger focus on increasing members also in the US and Asia.


What is the most rewarding aspect of managing and running
First of all, it is fantastic to hear when members and business people think your concept is great. Tech takes time to develop and to work perfectly, so the members who staid with you from the beginning are fantastic and gives us input all the time in what to improve and which features are great and what is missing. Secondly, growing your own business together with passionate people, I find to be extremely rewarding. Waking up every day doing something you absolutely love is like living of your hobby.