Sometimes it’s all in your head

by Camilla Jacobs – This morning, I started up the computer to write this article, but before I started, I checked out Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which I do every morning. While I was on Facebook, I found this picture, which is a good fit to what I’m writing about today.


My theme is to write about how women can make LinkedIn work better for them. I have trained a lot of people in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. In this work, I often encounter women who minimize their capabilities compared to what reality shows they actually can do. It does not, of course, apply to all women, but a very natural trait is that women tend to feel that it is wrong to sell themselves and admit to their accomplishments. This perception will certainly get you nowhere on LinkedIn – it will just hold you back!

LinkedIn is a social networking tool that allows you to promote yourself, your business, and your products or services. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to tell your network why they should buy from, hire or work for you. Therefore, it is an important tool that allows you to tell your network what you can bring to the table.

Forget the “Little Ol’ Me” syndrome
You ARE awesome and have something to offer so be sure to tell people about it. How you are in reality will be reflected in your LinkedIn profile. Let your self-confidence shine through! Don’t let the “Oh, it’s just little ol’ me” thoughts limit what you can do!

Give yourself credit for your accomplishments
It is so important to post awards, honors, or any mentions of your amazing qualities! Demonstrate confidence in who you are, the business you work in, and the products and services you sell. If you’re a job seeker, the confidence will come across.

And don’t be afraid to position yourself as an expert. You don’t need to write “expert” or “guru” next to your name. Just be sure to post updates with your own articles, articles about you, examples of your work and pictures or awards you’ve won.

Use your network to obtain keywords for your profile
If you’re having a difficult time describing yourself in your best light, ask your friends, co-workers and clients what they like best about you, your positive qualities and unique attributes. Use their words to create the headline, summary and experience sections.


Get recommendations
If you have done a good job, do not hesitate to ask for a recommendation from the person who hired you. They may need some assistance to get started but are typically happy to write one for you. There is no harm in asking, and it will certainly improve your profile.

Use a professional photo on your profile
Don’t be shy when it comes to your profile photo. It is the first thing people notice, when you turn up as a result of a search or when your profile is viewed. Many women are not content with their appearance, but it’s not about that. If you smile on the inside when you have the picture taken, your confidence and ability will radiate!

I will be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn and if you have questions about LinkedIn, please do not hesitate to contact me.



by Camilla Jacobs, Marketing & Social Media Advisor @imagital

Since 2005, imagital has acted as a marketing partner for a wide range of companies. Camilla has assisted clients in creating value and growth by focusing on both business development and marketing. Within the area of communication, Camilla has a great passion for digital marketing/social media.


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