New Nordic

by Isa Kinne –  Everybody wants it. There is no doubt about it. In the office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen – everywhere. The style of new nordic is the way to go in 2015. New nordic is the new black. As a Danish interior designer I see new nordic everywhere, and the hype has not yet peaked, if you ask me. So what is new nordic?


In my opinion, new nordic is a mix of natural materials such as wood, concrete, cotton, wool, fur, glass or stone. But the difference between the traditional nordic interior and new nordic interior is simple: spice it up with industrial elements.




Materials such as brass, marble and cork are a must-have when you aim for the style of new nordic.  Choose green or black marble if you dare, or go for traditional white marble for a softer and lighter feel.

Marble jar with lid

Pic 5

Personalize the new nordic interior with colors of your choice. Ceramic and stoneware in organic shapes, and with a blue-green color scheme is the way to go in 2015. The minimalistic white trend, which is very “traditional nordic” is still the must-have canvas, and it makes a great base for the dusty blues and greens.

When it comes to the tableware and accessories, go for unique items. A mix of colors and materials is still a hot trend right now, so be bold.

China set edited

So how do you implement the new nordic style in your home?

It is very important that you stick to certain rules:

  1. Stay simple
  2. Stick to natural materials and combine them
  3. Make it functional and cozy
  4. Bring nature inside your home
  5. Embrace and enhance the natural light
  6. Organize and hide your mess
  7. If you want color – go for bordeaux, mustard, dark turquoise or earth tones.

The style of “traditional nordic” is said to be very feminine, maybe because of all the pastels that dominated 2014, but personally I think that it’s time for men to be a part of the interior design: it’s all about space, responsibility and freedom of choice. Most men I know have an opinion about interior design – at least what they like or don’t like. I truly believe that the style of new nordic is much more masculine than ever before, which is very liberating for me. I love dark woods, green marble, oriental carpets, black picture frames and steel shelving. 2015 is a year of interior design that I’m going to love and embrace!

Pic 7


A mix of materials such as dark marble, leather, dark or stained wood, slate and cast iron gives you just the right twist to the traditional nordic style, that turns your home into new nordic.

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