Just put it out there!!

by Katrine Gilberg – You recognize it. The stress and anxiety that pushes you, because you haven’t finished yet. The uncertainty which lies in the stomach, growling. That critical voice inside, judging you, before publishing your blog, your product or service. And so – you wait for just a little while longer… You’ll launch it tomorrow instead… You just have to check one last thing, before you are completely finished… You just need to make a few more adjustments – and maybe find another image for your website…or… And then, you will finish. Then, it will be absolutely perfect. Then, you can vouch for it. Then, you will take the risk of showing the world, who you really are – what you can achieve – And get accepted for it!!
Cause, that’s what it’s all about! But why is it so important for us women to gain acceptance from our network and close ones? Who is it really, that we crave this acceptance from? Is it your parents, your partner, your friends or colleagues? Who are responsible for you craving for this acceptance? And who is standing in you way for achieving your success?










The truth is, that there you are in high risk of never achieving the success you put so much energy into, if you don’t learn to take risks. Learn to put it out there. Learn to put yourself out there.

Don’t hold yourself back! Don’t be like so many women, who “burn out” before they achieve their goal, because they didn’t have the guts to just do it!!

In my business, I talk to many women who come to me because they are stressed, burned out, and have no more energy or power. Women who no longer find joy in the work they do. Women who have spent too much time trying to achieve their goals and not spending their time on things they passionate.

They don’t feel they have the time or energy to achieve, what they want! Do you? Many women never have enough time, and I’m sure you can add something to the list; fetching kids and driving them around, household chores, and a lot of other things, that takes up your time. But why is it, that ultimately, we end up having spent more time on things we DO NOT want, rather than what we are passionate about?

And do you even know, what it is you are passionate about anymore? Do you know your true values and goals for your life, career and business?

Maybe it’s historical heritage that makes us neglect our own needs for personal development and success, and put chores like cleaning and cooking, and other peoples needs on top of our own needs. I don’t know. But I do know, that many women who come to me, don’t feel they have the time to do an successful business and achieve the goals of their dreams.

But I would argue, that it’s not about time. It ‘s about having the guts to take action. Having the guts to trust your own abilities. Having the guts to put your project out there. Having the guts to launch a semi-finished product, because you will never really finish!!









Being an independent, successful woman is about constantly evolving, having to adapt to changing customer needs, and is about being flexible and thinking in new ways of business.

My point is – are independent business women at all in the risk group of failing? We have what it takes, and have enough “kick-ass” attitude and survival instinct, to find a new and quick way to get up again, if we fail! But we have to play – to be able to win and achieve the success we crave!

Remember, if you spent too much time trying to complete your project, you will never get success. You will burn out and loose your desire to do anything, If you don’t learn to take chances and just put it out there!




by Katrine Gilberg, Business Coach & Business Developer @Onlinepower.dk

Katrine is Business Coach and Business Developer with focus on personal branding and performance. She has several years of experience with sales, business development and coaching of employees, executives and entrepreneurs. She writes articles about how women on a daily basis can strengthen their personal performance and obtain the life they always dreamed of.



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