Ireland – A business paradise?

By womeninb2b

Why Ireland?

Ireland is not only a popular destination for tourists and a place to have a good pint of Guinness, it is a magnet for many of the world’s biggest companies in some of the most profitable and successful industries, notably Google, Facebook, Intel and Pfizer to name just a few. Ireland can offer these companies a much lower corporate taxation compared to their other European counter-parts, at 12.5% combined with a 25% tax credit for Research and Development costs making it a very attractive and strategic place of business for almost 1,000 multinational companies that are based there.


Entrepreneurial Opportunities

If you have an innovative product, idea or service to offer then Ireland is worth considering. Ireland is regarded to be the 7th best European country for start-ups and entrepreneurs due to it’s accessible and straight forward processes when setting up and registering a business.

There are plenty of advice boards, online platforms and government organisations for those eager entrepreneurs interested in turning their innovative idea into a real business, such as High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) or They offer comprehensive advice and support to entrepreneurs/start-up companies, providing all the relevant necessary information needed to get your business up and running such as; what registration is required, what grants or investment opportunities are available as well as the location of possible incubator spaces.

Women entrepreneurs in Ireland


Women entrepreneurs in Ireland also face the same problem as in many other European countries, in that the gap between successful business women and their male counterparts is still quite large.  Women are considered to be more risk averse, lack technical expertise and have a shortage of networking opportunities to name just a few challenges.


However, in order to combat this and ensure that women entrepreneurs have equal business opportunities and the chance to realize their potential, some initiatives have been implemented by the government organisation Enterprise-Ireland. Women entrepreneurs who are focused on developing and growing their business can now attend monthly networking events giving them a chance to both promote their business and make new contacts with business women in various industries. There is also a lot more support and advice readily available to these business women, not only in Dublin but also up and down the country.

This shows that Ireland is definitely moving in the right direction, helping women entrepreneurs flourish and successfully grow their businesses, which will essentially benefit the Irish economy as a whole.