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by Pernille Andersen – One thing that I have found difficult to break free from is thinking about people’s expectations and perception of me. I have been working in various organizations and companies, in various countries and in various positions, and through these experiences I have felt a constant pressure to behave in a certain way, act a certain way, speak a certain way and dress a certain way in. This all in order to fit the role or position I was in at that given time in the most optimal way.

When I tried to switch from a job in analytics to sales, I apparently spoke and appeared too clever and people in the job interviews said that I was too analytical for sales. When I finally got a sales job, I began to wear suits and nice clothes and no one even questioned that I use to work with analysis. Now that I have my own companies, I have struggled with leaving this feeling of which role should I now should take on. The power suit woman, who is in charge of an international growing company, the hipster-smart girl, who is working with IT and social media, or the dressed up women, who wear small dresses with a plunging neckline. In the beginning I was thinking the power suit is better when you are targeting investors, whereas the hipster-smart girl look is better when I give my speeches on social media, but honestly I also like to dress up as a real woman showing my figure from time to time.

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The breaking point came a day in May… I looked through my whole closet for the best clothes to represent my business in and I thought NO MORE. I am my own boss, I decide over my businesses and thus I decide how I dress. This I’ll tell you has lead to even more freedom… Now I drive my business instead of the business driving me, I decide the day instead of the day deciding over me, and finally I dress as I feel on the day, instead of the role for the day decide what I should wear.











by Pernille Andersen, CEO & Co-Founder of @FeedsFloor

Pernille Andersen is the CEO and Co-Founder of FeedsFloor. She is strongly opinionated on subjects like business development, management, equality of women and men, and equality between people of various religions and cultures. She has been working in and with many countries everywhere in the world, especially Japan she has a strong connection with, where she won a business competition already at the age of 22. She has furthermore been a love-refugee in Sweden for 6 years due to the Danish governments’ strict look on foreigners from outside the EU.



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