Fashion is not an Age Issue!

by Helle Bille – Today fashion is about personality and not about your age.

Don’t let age determine how you should go dressed. Dress up as you feel inside. Your age is only a number, and today modern women are ageless.

There are still many rules about how we should dress us in relation to our age, but my advice is, FORGET IT. DRESS HOW YOU FEEL.

I am often rated 5-10 years younger than I am, and women are therefore very surprised at my actual age, but how are we supposed to look like when we are 40 or 50 years old?








There are no longer any rules and therefore we must be careful not even to put limitations on what we can and can’t do regarding to clothing, style and age.

In my work I have meet lots of women who believes that once they have turned 40, they are supposed to dress in a certain way. They still believe in old prejudices, that they were told from their mother, but now there is a huge difference between generations, and our mothers were “older” in their age of 40 and 50 than we are today.

Just a simple thing like “don’t mix blue and black colors” – It’s the most trendy thing to do right now and you see it all fashion items, but still a lot of women have difficulties by doing it. Because their mother told them not to do, like their mothers told them. The prejudices are passed from generation to generation and it is very difficult to change that.

A new time and generation is ahead us, and we must be aware of, that we are ageless and still want to look pretty and fashionable at the age of 100 J




by Helle Bille, Stylist/Style Coach @Unique Style

Quality, power and charisma is what Helle is all about.

Helle will write about how women can find their own personal style and how they can become the best version of themselves.



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