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Gitte closeup

Back to life

by Gitte L. Christensen – Recently I read a statistic from “Psykriatrifonden” saying that more than 25% of us suffer from anxiety attacks and in recent years there has been more and more focus on mental illnesses such as anxiety, stress and depression. For some

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Being a Chinese Woman in the Car Industry

by Cherrie Zhang – Thanks to my first job after I finished school in 2003, I have a large passion for cars. At that time, I worked at Mercedes-Benz in China, which brought me into this dynamic and powerful industry. At the very beginning I


Just put it out there!!

by Katrine Gilberg – You recognize it. The stress and anxiety that pushes you, because you haven’t finished yet. The uncertainty which lies in the stomach, growling. That critical voice inside, judging you, before publishing your blog, your product or service. And so – you


Finally free

by Pernille Andersen – One thing that I have found difficult to break free from is thinking about people’s expectations and perception of me. I have been working in various organizations and companies, in various countries and in various positions, and through these experiences I