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Wednesday Woman: Alexis Miller

Womeninb2b would like to welcome Alexis Miller, an Independent Business Owner of Forever Living Products  – The Aloe Vera Company. Alexis will contribute with articles on which she is passionate about –  health, nutrition and lifestyle. The beauty of Alexis’ job is that she is

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Back to life

by Gitte L. Christensen – Recently I read a statistic from “Psykriatrifonden” saying that more than 25% of us suffer from anxiety attacks and in recent years there has been more and more focus on mental illnesses such as anxiety, stress and depression. For some



Last week I had the pleasure of going to a small island at the Danish west coast by the Wadden Sea. The ultimate purpose of this little trip was to pick and eat oysters – LOTS of oysters! A bunch of us, adults and kids,


Yumiiii breakfast

by Elise Grøndahl – Hi, my name is Elise and I looove food! – eating it, making it, experimenting with ingredients, taking pictures of it, reading about it, watching movies about it and much much more! I’ve been called everything from foodie to food goddess,

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Boring office equipment? No more!

by Isa Kinne – Your electronic devices in your office don’t have to look like your colleagues’, just because it’s by the same brand. You can easily upgrade your MacBook, mouse, keyboard and USB drive, making you the envy of the office. Small changes can