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Ireland – A business paradise?

By womeninb2b Why Ireland? Ireland is not only a popular destination for tourists and a place to have a good pint of Guinness, it is a magnet for many of the world’s biggest companies in some of the most profitable and successful industries, notably Google,


Hi – do you speak Computer Science?

by Pernille Andersen – Since September 2014, the children in the UK have been guinea pigs for the most ambitious attempt yet to get kids coding, with changes to the national curriculum. A new “computing” curriculum including coding lessons for children as young as 5

Ciara saved

Happy Workforce

By Ciara Sweeney – I was trying to think of something to write and started four different topics until I stopped and asked myself what was important in the working environment for me. EQUALITY comes first and foremost, but I think we can talk until

Gitte closeup

Back to life

by Gitte L. Christensen – Recently I read a statistic from “Psykriatrifonden” saying that more than 25% of us suffer from anxiety attacks and in recent years there has been more and more focus on mental illnesses such as anxiety, stress and depression. For some

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Being a Chinese Woman in the Car Industry

by Cherrie Zhang – Thanks to my first job after I finished school in 2003, I have a large passion for cars. At that time, I worked at Mercedes-Benz in China, which brought me into this dynamic and powerful industry. At the very beginning I


Sometimes it’s all in your head

by Camilla Jacobs – This morning, I started up the computer to write this article, but before I started, I checked out Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which I do every morning. While I was on Facebook, I found this picture, which is a good fit