Boring office equipment? No more!

by Isa Kinne – Your electronic devices in your office don’t have to look like your colleagues’, just because it’s by the same brand. You can easily upgrade your MacBook, mouse, keyboard and USB drive, making you the envy of the office.

Small changes can make a big difference in your office space. Beautiful interior design in your office starts with your electronic devices. These upgrade solutions will change your work ethics for good and is a fantastic conversation starter.

You will feel more motivated to work if you have some equipment that shines. Everything gets a little more fun, when your computer is dressed to impress.

bambookeyboardmacbook-like book







Stand out from the crowd

Your computer can change looks in no time, with the use of a customized MacBook skin. You can either
stick to a simple upgrade or go all-in and cover your MacBook with beautiful prints.

Adding a wooden skin to your MacBook or just the keyboard makes all the difference.

Macbook look like wood

keyboard wood 2







Complete the cool nature look with a sleeve that not only protects your Mac, but also adds humor to your
office space – which undoubtedly attracts attention, the moment you step out the door in the morning.


Golden office

If you want to go all-in on fun accessories for your office space, you can add a touch of gold in the shape
of a golden USB or golden keyboard. A 9 to 5 office job has never been more glamorous!

gold toothgold usb








Now you can show off your gear at meetings, conferences or when you are working in a café or the local
coffee shop. It will definitely turn heads – and it’s a great icebreaker as well.


Go colorful

You can also upgrade you devices by adding color. Go for simple sleeves with a splash of color or with
simple and cute patterns. Less is more when it comes to adding color to your workspace. To much color
will have a negative influence on your workflow – so stay simple! You can e.g. go for an ethnic or
bohemian theme, or staying to a simple color scheme.

lap top cover

Lap top cover 2






If your outfit says fashionably chic, then why shouldn’t your MacBook?

You can find all these products on This Is Why I am Broke, Slick Wraps, Etsy, Ebay.


by Isa Kinne, Interior Designer @Trendmedic

Isa will guide busy women in the world of interior design and design trends, whether it is for the home, office, or on the road. Isa’s passion is New Nordic Interior, which means quality materials and sustainable design, but also authentic and dynamic solutions.



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