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Sometimes it’s all in your head

by Camilla Jacobs – This morning, I started up the computer to write this article, but before I started, I checked out Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which I do every morning. While I was on Facebook, I found this picture, which is a good fit


Pernille Andersen

Pernille Andersen, Entrepreneur @Womeninb2b & @FeedsFloor Pernille Andersen is the Co-Founder of Women in B2B and CEO and Co-Founder of FeedsFloor. She is strongly opinionated on subjects like business development, management, equality of women and men, and equality between people of various religions and cultures. She


Finally free

by Pernille Andersen – One thing that I have found difficult to break free from is thinking about people’s expectations and perception of me. I have been working in various organizations and companies, in various countries and in various positions, and through these experiences I


Welcome to Women in B2B

Welcome to Women in B2B, a new online universe for professional, career-oriented, busy women – and of course men are also welcome to have a look. Here you can read serious articles about business, career planning and entrepreneurship, and articles about more fun and lifestyle-oriented