About Women in B2B

Welcome to Women in B2B, an online magazine for professional, career-oriented, busy women (and of course men are also welcome to have a look:-). Here you can read about serious topics like business, career planning, entrepreneurship etc., or more fun and lifestyle articles about food, design, fashion and style. No business without fun and self-indulgence from time to time… We have a team of fantastic contributors whom you can read more about here. If you want to join the team please contact us at any time at camilla@womeninb2b.com.

Wednesday Woman

In the Wednesday Woman section, we will feature women working in different positions, industries and of various professional backgrounds. If you know of a woman you think deserve attention or you yourself want to be featured, please send us an email with the following information and a professional picture or a video featuring the interview:

1)   What is your name, position, country, age?

2)   What is your educational background?

3)   How did you arrive in the position you are in today?

4)   What do you find most exciting about your job?

5)   What is your future aspirations?

6)   What is your best career advice?

7)   How many days a year do you travel?

8)   If you could work with something else what would it be?



Do you want to contribute with articles please write to camilla@womeninb2b.com. Please send your picture, 3 lines about yourself, and name of country, and what you want to write about.


We are always looking for cool items and companies to showcase at the Women in B2B showroom. If you are interested in showing your products or have suggestions for items or companies we should have in the showroom, you are always welcome to write to camilla@womeninb2b.com.